1. Foreword

In the past, many new developments were initially ridiculed, then fought against and subsequently adapted for the masses. We are now experiencing this situation again in the crypto market.

New things are often dramatically underestimated, and frequently their immense potential is unrecognized.

In many ways, this criticism is reflected in the crypto world. Business tycoons, such as Warren Buffett and Co., make comparisons to gambling, pure speculation and a (soon to die down) hype, similar to the Danish tulip bulb bubble that triggered an economic catastrophe some 400 years ago.

Today’s banking and financial system is pursuing digitalization at a snail’s pace. The flood of paperwork, elaborate requests, insufficient communication and lack of interaction between the various asset classes stop many people from becoming successful investors and taking their financial future into their own hands.

We at acm see numerous parallels to past innovations. Unfortunately, many experts still misjudge the market and use arguments as if in a bygone era. This is because the crypto market can currently be compared to the ship in 1803 – new. And, as always, new and unknown things are met with criticism based on the fear of what is still too unknown. It’s our belief, however, that cryptocurrencies and their technologies will positively change the world in innovative ways and leave a lasting mark. We are now creating an opportunity to provide a secure, simple and intuitive platform to interested parties and make them a part of this revolutionary development. Getting on the bandwagon of digitalization and innovative development is not just an option these days but a must – at least for those of us who want to be part of the successful revolution of the financial system.

We invite you to join the acm team on its path of innovation in finance and the crypto world and be one of the first to utilize and benefit from the advantages and added value.

Dive with us into the world of cryptocurrencies now and achieve your economic and financial goals. Go to www.acm-finance.com.

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