9. The acm ecosystem

An ecosystem is a complex network of different individual components that interact with each other. There are a variety of ways interactions can take place to combine resources, create symbiotic relationships and, in doing so, promote innovation and growth. This is why we created the acm ecosystem, which brings individual components together from the traditional financial world and the crypto world, which is still new to many. This results in a range of benefits for our customers, such as low fees and the ability to connect different asset classes on one central platform.

9.1 The acm ecosystem at a glance

  1. acm beginner’s platform: a simple interface to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies

  2. acm pro platform: an interface for advanced traders and institutional investors

  3. Margin trading: trading with borrowed capital

  4. Derivatives trading: trading in futures and options for experienced traders

  5. acm earnings platform: receive interest on crypto deposits

  6. acm DEX: decentralized exchange function

  7. acm bank: our own bank for seamless processing of on-off ramping

  8. acm hardware wallet: secure, fast and easy crypto asset storage

  9. acm Academy: proprietary learning platform to transfer knowledge and strategies

  10. acm debit card: convenient method to make payments using cryptocurrencies

We support you in your further financial education, in line with our motto: Anyone can become a successful investor!

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