7. acm tokenomics

7.1 PRE Seed-Phase:

Familiy and Friends tariff: We want to give our first supporters the opportunity to purchase acm tokens at a discounted price. This “preseed” phase will further solidify the foundation of the acm exchange. A total of 125 million (5%) acm tokens will be issued in this phase.

7.3 Team building:

Another 250 million (10%) acm tokens will be used to build and expand the acm team. To do this, we will bring experts together from a variety of areas, including finance, technology, insurance, legal and risk management.

7.2 ICO stages 1-4:

In each phase, a further 250 million (10%) acm tokens will be issued. These phases will be used to continue to develop the acm ecosystem. See page 31, roadmap, for more information.

7.4 acm ecosystem:

To expand the acm ecosystem and secure cash back, the reward system and DEX reward system, 1,125 billion (45%) acm tokens will be used. The tokens will sustainably support the system.

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