10. What the acm exchange offers

The acm exchange offers the following products and services:

10.1 Fiat on-off ramping

We enable our users to easily and securely exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies – and vice versa. Fiat currencies are currencies backed by the government and not by commodities. As a result, the value of these currencies is based solely on trust, as is the case with the euro, US dollar, and similar currencies. On-off ramping means depositing fiat money on the exchange or transferring it from the exchange to bank accounts.

10.2 Savings plans

A savings plan is an investment strategy where you invest a certain amount in an investment at regular intervals (e.g., monthly). This can be an investment in stocks, funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or cryptocurrencies. Savings plans are often used as a method of “dollar cost averaging”, or DCR, where purchases are made regularly over a longer period of time to mitigate the risk of market fluctuations.

10.3 Accelerated savings plans

The term “accelerated savings plan” is not widely used and can have different meanings, depending on the context. Generally, it refers to a strategy of adding money to a savings plan at shorter intervals or where more is purchased at certain price levels in order to reach one’s savings goal faster and achieve a better average purchase price.

For example, €100 is paid each week into a savings plan, and when the price falls below a certain level, a predefined amount, e.g., €250, is automatically invested in addition. This is called an “accelerated savings plan” because it allows you to accumulate assets more quickly.

10.4 OTC trading

We offer an over-the-counter marketplace for trading in large volumes to give you the best possible average price. “Over-the-counter” means executing transactions in large volumes outside the usual trading venue without affecting the current price. This is particularly attractive for large or institutional investors.

10.5 Spot trading

Our platform enables the direct purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies at current market prices. It also offers the possibility to initiate a purchase or sale automatically at a price you have predefined.

10.6 Margin trading

This is a method of trading where you can buy additional cryptocurrency on margin (with borrowed money). This allows you to control more volume on the exchange with less capital investment. The “margin” is the amount you contribute from your own money.

10.7 Derivatives

10.7.1 Futures trading/Options trading

We offer trading in derivatives, such as futures and options, in order to profit from the upward and downward movements in prices. Futures and options can be used for both hedging and speculation.

10.7.2 Futures

A future is a contract between two parties that states that a commodity will be bought or sold at a specified price and on a defined date. The buyer of the future is obligated to buy the asset at the price and on the date specified in the contract. The seller is obligated to deliver the asset. Futures are often used by companies to hedge against price fluctuations.

10.7.3 Options

An option gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a particular asset at a specified price and by a defined date. There are two types of options: a “call” option and a “put” option. A call option gives the holder the right to buy; a put option, the right to sell.

10.8 Earnings

Earnings are a way to earn regular returns through various investments.

10.8.1 Launchpad

Launchpad offers the opportunity to invest in new crypto. Here, new crypto projects can attract attention and gather funds for their future project development. At the same time, investors can invest in these projects before they are listed on the stock exchange and, thereby, make purchases at lower prices.

10.8.2 Launchpool

Launchpool is an interface where users can deposit their acm tokens and earn acm tokens, which are newly listed, as rewards. This is one method that allows users to utilize their crypto assets to earn passive income.

10.8.3 Staking

Staking stems from the PoS (Proof of Stake) concept. This is a method that some cryptocurrencies use to validate their blockchain transactions. If validation is successful, new tokens are issued, which are distributed to the staking pool.

10.8.4 Savings

Savings refers to the storing of cryptocurrencies in a type of savings account or other application that generates interest.

10.8.5 Lending

Lending refers to the lending of cryptocurrencies to other users. Typically, when you lend your cryptocurrencies, you receive interest on your lent assets in exchange. Interest rates can vary and are often higher than those offered at traditional banks.

10.8.6 Borrowing

Borrowing refers to borrowing cryptocurrencies from other users. When you borrow money, you usually have to deposit some kind of collateral in the form of other cryptocurrencies and pay interest on the borrowed money.

10.8.7 Liquidity mining/Liquidity pool

Liquidity mining and liquidity pools are necessary on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Here, users provide their tokens as liquidity and receive a portion of the trading fees in return.

10.9 DEX

DEX stands for “decentralized exchange”. A decentralized exchange is a crypto exchange that operates without a central middleman. On a DEX, users can trade cryptocurrencies directly with one another. Many users see this as a tremendous advantage, as it only requires a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, and there is no KYC (know-your-customer) process.

10.10 Dual investment

Dual investment is the ability to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies or crypto mechanics simultaneously in order to execute a diversified strategy. Dual investment typically refers to an investment strategy where investors invest in two or more different asset classes or strategies to maximize their returns and minimize risk.

10.11 Airdrops

An airdrop is a way to get free new tokens. Airdrops are used primarily to support a new network in its growth or to serve as an incentive to take a loyal community into another project and reward them for it.

10.12 NFT trading

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Each NFT is unique and is considered to be digital art or a digital collectible. To enable you to participate in the growing digital collectibles market, we are integrating an NFT marketplace.

10.13 acm hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is a physical device specifically designed to securely store cryptocurrencies. Since the setup is usually very time-consuming, our own acm hardware wallet is designed to make the setup and transfer of assets much easier and, if desired, automated.

10.14 Fully automated tax reporting

By uniting the acm crypto exchange, the acm hardware wallet and the acm bank, you save yourself a cost-intensive third-party solution. You have the option to connect other interfaces via API and thereby generate a tax report for your preferred country at the push of a button.

10.15 acm Academy

The acm Academy is our own academy and provides our users with comprehensive training and educational materials on cryptocurrencies and trading strategies. Our goal is to be able to provide added value for every user. Our academy is therefore divided into different levels.

10.16 Benefit Center

Our Benefit Center offers exclusive benefits to our users, such as discounts on fees, access to premium features, and special promotions.

10.17 VIP Club

Our VIP Club grants loyal acm token holders a range of benefits, including priority customer service, tailored offers, and exclusive events.

10.18 Automated intelligent investing

For automated intelligent investing, super categories, such as DeFi, AI, and Metaverse, along with the desired investment amount, are specified. The AI-based bot then makes investments fully automatically, leaving you with nothing further to do.

10.19 Professional asset management

The acm exchange also offers professional asset management starting at sums of €3 million or more.

10.20 Crypto cashback debit card

You will receive cash back on each of your purchases made using the acm debit card. The amount of cashback, refunds, and other VIP access depends on your VIP level.

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