11. The acm Academy and reward system

We offer our users the opportunity to educate themselves based on the “learn & earn” principle. We want our academy to meet the needs of all users. We therefore offer three different levels: beginner, advanced, and professional.

Beginner: We give beginners the opportunity to learn the basics of the crypto market and focus on security. It is crucial to understand which security features of the exchange should be activated and how cryptos can be safely stored and sent. This part of the academy is designed to give users a broad overview and explain how different tokens and mechanics of the crypto space work.

Advanced: Advanced users should receive a deeper insight into different topics and understand the basics of different investment options. All available options should be presented, including how cryptos and their mechanics can be used optimally.

Professional: Our offer for professionals includes more complex strategies that encompass different trading approaches (with or without chart analysis), derivative strategies, and lending models.

We want to provide added value to every user and give beginners the opportunity to become professionals. Everyone, at one time, started at zero. Our goal is to give every beginner the tools to evolve into an expert. We believe that financial intelligence can be learned and that everyone should be able to recognize and realize their potential in the crypto world. We want to provide the widest possible range of information at our academy.

To ensure this, our model consists of different modules, such as courses, video calls, e-books and live trading rooms.

When a chapter is complete, our acm token is awarded as a reward for success. This means even learning can be fun and pay off.

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