5. All Crypto Mechanics tokens [acm token]

Investing in and holding acm tokens is the easiest way to get the most out of our All Crypto Mechanics ecosystem. We want to give back and show our appreciation to our most loyal customers while adding direct value to their acm token holdings. This is why we developed the All Crypto Mechanics loyalty program, which offers substantial benefits and attractive perks to our most dedicated users. This program will be explained in more detail below.

5.1 General introduction to the acm token

The acm token (All Crypto Mechanics token) is issued as an ICO token and offers All Crypto Mechanics’ users a number of major advantages. The acm token is a multi-chain token, meaning it enables users to individually select a blockchain.

This has the following advantages:

  • Users can use their favorite chain o Blockchain transaction fees can be saved

  • Transaction speeds can be selected at will

  • Each blockchain’s potential and advantages can be fully taken advantage of

  • A proprietary acm blockchain can be subsequently integrated

5.2 More favorable trading fees

There are two ways to benefit from the acm discount system. Already with a holding of 15,000 acm tokens, you automatically become a member of our VIP Club. The VIP Club is divided into five levels. You will receive a discount on trading fees of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25% depending on your VIP level.

Another way you can lower your trading fees is through our “Refer a Friend” program. For every friend you refer, your friend will get a 20% discount, or you can choose to keep 20% of the trading fees. Of course, there is also an option to split the trading discount with your friend at any ratio you choose.

Of course it is also possible to combine both programs up to a maximum cost reduction of 45%. Both prog

5.3 Cashback of up to 8% with the acm debit card

For cashback with an acm debit card, the amount is determined by our 5-tier VIP Club (See table, page 17). Do your daily shopping through our acm debit card and receive up to 8% cashback from each transaction.

Our debit card cashback system offers different cashback percentages depending on the level of the 5-tier VIP Club and acm token ownership. There are also attractive bonuses planned for our VIP Club members, including Amazon Prime or Spotify membership fee waivers and access to various VIP lounges. Spending and earning money at the same time has never been easier!

5.4 Cheaper staking fees

Staking is a great way to support the various blockchains while receiving passive cash flow as a reward. Through our acm VIP Club, staking fees are gradually reduced up to a maximum of 30%, increasing your return on investment.

5.5 acm reward system of up to 15% annually

To show that we value and appreciate our loyal and active users, we reward every acm token holder with weekly rewards. With a weekly payout, you can receive up to about 9% when you complete at least one transaction per week and apply for the rewards. In addition, you can receive another 6% depending on your personal trading volume. The payout is calculated based on your average weekly acm token volume. By investing and owning acm tokens, your portfolio continues to work for you.

Through our reward system, you can receive additional acm tokens when you

  • hold acm tokens and complete at least one transaction each week, or

  • hold and trade acm tokens starting at a trading volume of €1,000 per week (See table page 17).

5.6 acm premium support

Providing exceptional support is critical to our mutual success. This is why we offer our acm token holders access to our highest level of premium support to ensure a seamless, positive trading experience on our exchange. We believe support is not just about solving problems. The support we offer is divided into problem resolution, onboarding support, and how-to support and training. acm token holders benefit from personal support, video calls, and phone calls, as well as user training – as opposed to only standard support such as live chats, chatbots and email support.

5.7 Access to launchpad and launchpool platforms

Launchpad: All acm token holders receive access through our launchpad to invest in a new token project that will be listed on our exchange only in the near future.

Launchpool: All acm token owners who deposit their acm tokens in the launchpool will receive a small portion of a new token that will be listed within 7 days as an airdrop.

5.8 Preferential access for DEX projects

The acm ecosystem will aggregate various types of projects and platforms, including DeFi, NFT+, games, Web 3.0-related application projects, and others. acm token holders will be granted early access to these applications.

5.9 Savings advantages and leverage ratio when lending

You have the option to deposit and lend your cryptos; the interest that accrues can be reduced only by paying the fees with acm tokens. You show your trust in us by investing in our acm token, and we reward that trust by offering you a leverage ratio.

5.10 Higher returns on lending

acm token holders, who provide liquidity in the form of cryptos, can secure better returns by reaching a higher VIP Club level.

5.11 Discounts of up to 25% on deposits made by instant bank transfer or credit card

As an acm token owner, we want you to benefit even before investing your money using our exchange. You will therefore receive a progressive discount of up to 25% on deposits made via instant bank transfer or credit card, depending on your VIP level. (See table, page 17)

5.12 We want your opinion – vote with it!

Your opinion is important to us. We show this by giving acm token holders the option to actively participate in voting.

Votes can be cast, for example, for new coin listings or changes to individual exchange functions.

To meet our social responsibility, we want to give something back and share our success with others. This is the reason we regularly donate a portion of the profits we generate. The selection of the donation recipient is co-determined by the votes of our VIP Club members. We weight votes according to the number of acm tokens – the more acm tokens, the stronger the weighting.

5.13 acm stability program and burning

The acm stability program was created to support the entire acm ecosystem and, with its deflationary effect, stabilize the price of the acm token in the long term.

acm stability program

To best support the development of the acm ecosystem, we plan to burn 20% of the fees paid with acm tokens. In addition, we will use our profits to buy back acm tokens monthly and burn a portion of these as well.

You can use acm tokens from the acm platform to not only pay fees but also to make purchases, such as hardware wallets and merchandise, and to receive discounts.

To ensure sufficient liquidity on our DEX (decentralized exchange), we have a reward system that automatically distributes rewards depending on the acm tokens provided.

This means that fewer and fewer acm tokens will be offered on the market. The goal here is to maintain a deflationary token and stabilize the price in the long term.

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